About Us

About Us

Here at SoSockz we aim for customer satisfaction through quality, variety, unique designs and customer service. Yeah, thats right, your feet deserve the best!

Our passion for socks


Colorful, funny and funky socks is our lifestyle in contrast to the norm of wear boring, old and abused socks. Every pair is designed to express what you like and who you really are. Not all fashion can be worn openly, but SoSockz allows you to express yourself no matter where you are are or what time of the day it is. Whether it is the court room, on your couch or at a friend’s party, your socks will always get a conversation started. These little works of art are a reminder that life is not all about work. 

If you would say that nobody can see your socks, that could be true. But you see your socks. Do you want to see boring single colored socks? Or gaze down to a beautiful pair of SoSockz? Its your choice . . . 

Why chose us

We love Socks

SoSockz has the biggest selection of socks on the island. 

Over 300 different pairs in stock to free your soul and express what you like, all day long.

Quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Same day dispatch

The Big Blue Container

The proud Store and Showroom of SoSockz and 360 Geometry. 

A one of a kind store. It’s small but it packs a huge punch.

Before. . .
Not looking good
After ! ! !
Looks much better now
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