Welcome to the SoSockz Team!

A SoSockz store account has been automatically created for you. You can login to your account at

Login to your account to gain access to the Affiliate Bar.
The Affiliate Bar will automatically create your affiliate links on every page you visit. The easiest way to gain maximum views and referrals is to go to the homepage and use the Affiliate Bar to share the link for the entire website.
Even if you send an affiliate link for a specific product, the affiliate program will reward you with referrals for all products on the website.

In your account page you can view detailed statistics on visits and referrals once you click on Affiliate

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me at +357 96 511107. (Peter)

Improve your rank – improve your commission

  1. Basic Rank – Up to 100 Successful Referrals = 5%
  2. Premium Rank – More than 100 Successful Referrals = 7.5%
  3. Ambassador – More than 300 Successful Referrals = 10%

What is a referral

A visitor has completed a purchase using your affiliate link. You now receive a specific commission based on your rank.

Using Social Media to increase your success rate

  • Send a link to yourself to see how it appears. A pretty link is always clicked on.
  • Tag location at SoSockz
  • Facebook: Post affiliate link with a picture and a nice description on pages, in groups, on your wall, or send them through messenger
  • Instagram: Insert your affiliate link in your bio and in your posts you can refer to your bio. Use hashtags #sosockz
  • Instagram Stories: If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram you can share the link using the swipe up feature

How to create links

  • Go to
  • Login with your affiliate username
  • Search for products
  • Use the flashbar to create links
  • Copy and send to a friend
  • Links are valid for 30 Days
  • Earn referrals!

Before adding New Wallet Credit

  • All coupons expire within 24 hours and can only be used ONCE.
  • If cart total is LESS than the coupon, you will LOSE the remainder of coupon.
  • If cart total is more than coupon, you must pay the remaining balance with 24 hours or the coupon expires.

How to turn a verified referral into a coupon

  • You must have at least 10€ worth of referral commission to create a coupon
  • Go to your Wallet in your affiliate profile
  • Scroll down and Click Add New Wallet Credit
  • Add a total of referrals by clicking the amounts which you intend to use today at SoSockz
  • Click add on wallet. Your coupon code that you will apply to your cart will be generated

How to use a coupon

Before creating a coupon you must be sure of your next purchase from SoSockz. Go to your wallet and follow the guidelines.

Thank you and good luck

Peter Christoforou – SoSockz Ambassador

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