The latest New Socks! New socks never stop arriving! If you love socks make sure to follow us on Instagram to get a sneak peek of all the new arrivals! Also at our store in Limassol, we have even more socks and special offers!  If you need help or can’t find what you are looking Contact Us. At SoSockz you can Create your own socks!

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  • Sale! pacman embroidery socks in cyprus limassol



    Pacman Embroidery Socks

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    Names | Monograms | Quotes | Logos | Cartoons | 3D Embroidery

    Please send your design in .png format to for a quotation! Most designs will be less than 15Euro
    Or for more information on custom embroidery designs and prices, please call us @ 96-511107

    Sizes Available:
    Black (35-42, 39-45 , 45-52) | White (35-42) | Grey (35-42)
    or choose any pair of SoSockz to add your customization!

    Custom Embroidery Socks

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  • Sale! custom socks from the best sock store in Cyprus. So many socks

    It’s all good

    Mickey Shaka

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  • Sale!

    Keep calm and think PINK!

    Pink Panther

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  • Sale!

    “It’s a-me, Mario!”


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  • Sale!

    Dunking from outer space

    Astronaut Basketball

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Design Your Own Socks and Caps

Here at SoSockz, quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Colourful, funny, unique, funky and happy socks is our lifestyle. Break free from the norm of wear boring, old and abused socks. Now we are extending our creativity to custom caps!

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or want your own design on your socks or your cap, we now offer custom embroidery for socks and caps!
No minimum order required!

You can either choose from one of our high quality single coloured socks or you can select any pair you like and add your customization to it. Every pair is designed to express what you like and who you really are. Not all fashion can be worn openly, but SoSockz allows you to express yourself no matter where you are or what time of the day it is. Whether it is in the court room, on your couch or at a friend’s party, your custom socks will always get a conversation started. These little works of art are a reminder that life is not all about work. 

Personalize your socks with your name, initials, monogram, favourite quote, cartoon or logo. If you can dream it, we can make it! Send your request to and let our team take care of the rest.

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