Your Affiliate Application has been APPROVED and you are part of the team!

You are now eligible to receive the Basic Rank Commission (5%) for every successful referral. A referral commission based on your rank will be credited to your account that can be redeemed with coupons from SoSockz.

A referral is successful when anybody except yourself clicks the link you shared and purchases a product. Even if they purchase a different product, you still receive a referral commission. Even if they purchase 29 days after using your link, you still receive a referral commission. .

What is a verified referral?

A visitor has completed a purchase using your affiliate link. You now receive a specific commission based on rank.

How does the SoSockz Affiliate program work?

The SoSockz Affiliate program handles the affiliate accounts by tracking which affiliates have referred visitors to the website. Visitors who purchase SoSockz are considered successful referrals. If the customer successfully purchases a product, a referral will be generated and the affiliate will be awarded with a specific commission based on rank.

How to create links

The links you share will be valid for 30 Days

Go to
Search for a specific pair, on sale, new arrivals.
Use the flashbar
Copy and send to a friend.

Improve your rank – improve your commission

Basic Rank – Up to 100 Successful Referrals = 5%
Premium Rank – More than 100 Successful Referrals = 7,5%
Ambassador – More than 300 Successful Referrals = 10%

How to turn your referral earnings into store coupons.

When you accumulate 10 Euro worth of referrals, you can transfer it to your wallet in the form of a coupon. This coupon can then be used in the checkout and cart page. Follow the instructions in your wallet to create a coupon that can be used in the checkout and cart.


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Thank you and good luck

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